History of TOLO TV

“TOLO” means sunrise or dawn in Dari and Pashto, and symbolizes the beginning of a new era for Afghans.
TOLO TV was launched in October 2004, becoming one of the first commercial television stations to operate in Afghanistan and laying the foundations for an accessible media outlet offering local and international news, sports, a current affair, movies, comedy, serials, documentaries, music, children’s programming, lifestyle and entertainment shows. TOLO TV was first launched in Kabul but as at November 2007, has broadcasts in 14 cities in Afghanistan on free-to-air and throughout the region by satellite.
TOLO TV intends to excite, engage and motivate Afghans through dynamic programming which is reflective of the population’s needs and wants.

After years of war, oppression and destruction, the Afghans are ready to move on. Tolo aims to assist this effort by providing content which will educate, Inform, entertain and inspire all Afghans.

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TOLO TV Coverage - Central Asia

TOLO currently provides free-to-air services to viewers in 14 cities in Afghanistan, and we intend to continually expand our reach within Afghanistan.
TOLO provide satellite TV services to the entire region on Eutelsat SESAT2 (or Express AM22).
Satellite coverage details for TOLO TV are as follows:
Satellite: Eutelsat SESAT 2/Express AM22, 53 Degrees East
Band: Ku     
Frequency: 11,495.75
Symbol Rate:     5,000
FEC:    ¾
Polarization: Horizontal
Most satellite receivers will automatically add TOLO, Lemar and TOLOnews channels.
When you tune your satellite receiver to the right frequency above, please note that you may get a choice of 3 services if the channels are not selected automatically:

  1. Service ID 1 (TOLO)
  2. Service ID 2 (LEMAR)
  3. Service ID 3 (TOLOnews)

If you want to watch TOLO, you need to choose Service ID 1 or TOLO and then for the language, choose ENGLISH. The GERMAN language option will give you ARMAN FM.
If you want to watch LEMAR, you need to choose Service ID 2 or LEMAR and the language will automatically be set to ENGLISH. If you have any difficulties with receiving the signal, please contact us on [email protected].
If you want to watch TOLOnews, you need to choose Service ID3 or TOLOnews.
The below diagram shows in more detail the actual coverage of TOLO TV's satellite beam in the region.


Control and Management

Tolo TV is part of and controlled by the Moby Group of entities. Visit the Moby Group website and learn more about our parent entity.
Moby Group is a 100% Afghan owned and operated organisation. You can learn more about the people behind Moby Group and our vision, by clicking here .