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A new reality television singing competition

“SUPERSTAR” is a new reality television singing competition that aims to discover the SUPERSTAR among the best participants of the previous 10 Afghan Star’s seasons. 12 contestants will be chosen to participate and compete against each other in order to win the title of SUPERSTAR.

The format features 2 teams composed of 6 stars, with each team lead by a team captain. Filtered by the vote of the public and fans,12 competitors will be reduced down to 8. Once the Top 8 contestants have been determined, 2 judges will make their appearance and will serve as unbiased critics over the Star’s performances.

The Performance Show

The Performance Show will start with the Top 12 chosen talents from Afghan Star Seasons 1 to 10. The Stars will compete against each other, performing either existing songs or original ones accompanied by a live music band. After each performance, the team captains will give their feedback having for objective to lead their own “protégés” to the victory.

At the end of each Performance Show, the audience and viewers will be invited to vote for their favorite Star through phone voting. Every Performance Show will have a special theme (Mother’s Day, etc.) and the choice of the songs will reflect each shows theme.


The Result Show

The Stars will perform duets as if they are competing against each other. After each performance, the host will announce the results from fans and viewer’s voting. The Stars with the lower number of votes will move to the danger zone and the Star with the highest number will move to the safe zone.

At the end of each Result Show, the Star with the lowest amount of votes will be eliminated. The Star with the higher number of votes will be granted a bonus song.