10 Jul, 2015

The Top 4 Elimination show tonight began with a beautiful love poem declaimed by Arash Barez the host of the program followed by a short clip of the previous episode. 


The special guest of this show was “Yousof Mahmood” a well known Qawwali Singer of Afghanistan who was invited by the Superstar program from London with his musical team. He interpreted a beautiful Qawwali (Aftada Am Ba Bestar Ghmazar Ya Ali) with his own musical team. 


Contrary to the previous episodes of elimination, the contestants were singing individually in this episode of the Elimination. Elyas Isar was the first contestant who came on the stage with a new song composed by “Shad Kam Nawabi” and got very positive comments from the judges. After performance of Elyas Isar, he was Jamshid Sakhi on the stage with a different and great performance (Chon Ghoncha Lal Tu) from Sharif Ghazal and could get some good feedbacks from the judges.


Omid Parsa was the third contestant who sang a song from “Salam Jawed” a famous Afghan singer and his performance was criticized by the judges.  Lastly Sohrab Elyar had practiced an Uzabaki song which was created by his uncle and could satisfy the judges. 


Finally, Jamshid Sakhi was announced the eliminated contestant. And he has left the program with his last performance. 


Watch the video below