11 Jul, 2015

The competition to become the Superstar is getting tougher and tougher! Only three contestants remained in the show Elysa Isar, Omid Parsa and Sohrab Elyar who are trying their best to become the Superstar of this round. On tonight’s show all the three contestants have two performances first performance for  the viewers as a gift and second performance for the judges in order to get score on it. During this episode, Omid Parsa was sitting on the golden chair which he got in last Friday’s episode by getting the highest score from the judges on his performance. 


Quraishi Roya, one of the best Afghan musicians who play Rubab (Afghan musical instrument) was the special guest of tonight’s show. He was invited from overseas by the Superstar program to Afghanistan after 30 years and he joined the show by playing a great piece of Rubab. 


The first contestant was Elyas Isar on the superstar stage performing a beautiful Hazaragi song as a gift for the viewers and got a very persuasive comment from Qais Ulfat. Secondly, Sohrab Elyar sang a very famous song (Na Rahat Az Falak Joyam) which was good according to Wahid Qasemi judge of the show.  Afterwards, Omid Parsa interpreted a song (Cheshman Seya) and was criticized by Obaid Juenda judge of the show.


The second performances of the contestants were for the judges in order to get points. Elysa Isar got 30 points plus one star from the judges on his pure Herati performance. And Sohrab Elyar got 30 points from the three judges on his Uzbaki performance and he was very encouraged by the judges to continue singing Afghan traditional songs. 


Lastly, Omid Parsa who got the golden chair in last week’s episode got 27 points on his performance in this week which was the lowest compare to other stars. And Elyas Isar was the contestant who got the highest score from the judges on his performance in tonight’ show entitling him to the golden chair until another contestant breaks his score record.


Watch the video below